Dignity & Decency

Keep Douglas rural, safe and thriving.

Principled, Conservative Republican

Experienced in Local Government

Hard-Working and
Outcome Driven

Strong Fiscal Record

Keep Douglas Rural, Safe, and Thriving


Our open space is precious. Our families, friends, and neighbors have chosen to live here because it’s a beautiful place. To keep this county rural, I will implement the Master Plan and voter-approved Growth Management Ordinance with fidelity and use all other available tools. I will listen carefully to the concerns and ideas of our community members. I will guard our open space as the irreplaceable treasure it is.


Our Sheriff’s Department has excellent,  dedicated law enforcement officers who keep us safe and our fire departments are well known for excellence. I fully support them. We have traffic concerns. I will work to mitigate immediate problems and establish long-range solutions. I will work to keep our neighborhoods, businesses, and schools safe places.


Douglas County is strong in heritage, tradition, and people. Our nonprofit organizations are exceptional. Our towns, advisory boards, and county staff are respected assets. Our fiscal position, stability, and sound practices are paramount to our success. We have the resources we need if managed from a position of strength, stability, and knowledge. I resolve to keep Douglas strong and thriving.