Meet Sharla

“We need commissioners who face our challenges with a mindset of strength, not fear. We need commissioners dedicated to supporting a vibrant, healthy community.”

  • 12 years as Douglas County School Board trustee
  • 14 years as local government attorney
  • 6 years as member of Family Support Council Board
  • Member of Douglas County Republican Central Committee
  • 1st Vice President, Sierra Nevada Republican Women

Elected Official Service

Sharla was elected three times to serve twelve years on the Douglas County School Board. Her foundational beliefs are that schools ultimately derive their authority from parents, not the other way around, and that taxpayer dollars are sacred. Sharla campaigned on employee accountability, making sure every employee worked effectively and efficiently. 

Sharla advanced common-sense, conservative solutions and held staff accountable for excellent student achievement. Her accomplishments include:

Trustee Hales awards diploma to her son, Andy
  • strong support for ASPIRE Academy High School for students who thrive in a non-traditional setting
  • creation of the Junior ROTC program at Douglas High School
  • drug and alcohol testing of students participating in extracurricular activities
  • rigorous superintendent evaluation
  • individual counseling for all 8th graders and their parents to prepare for high school and beyond

Sharla earned the Certified Public Official from University of Nevada, Reno. She served on two state-wide committees: Teachers and Leaders Council (tasked with creating a meaningful evaluation system for teachers and administrators) and P-16 Council (fostered cooperation between school districts, higher education, business, parents and the community to better prepare students for college or well-paying jobs). 

Professional Local Government Experience

Graduating Magna Cum Laude, Sharla received her law degree from BYU. Since 2007, Sharla has worked as general legal counsel for Churchill County School District, where she has expanded her knowledge and skill in local government entity work. She counsels the school district in the Open Meeting Law and the Public Records Act and has extensive experience in effective governance and leadership. She has successfully defended challenges to employment decisions, collective bargaining matters, and student First Amendment free speech rights.

Community Service

Upon moving to Minden in 1989, Sharla spearheaded efforts to secure home mail delivery. She volunteered at Gardnerville Elementary School and later served as the first president of Minden Elementary School parent group.

Sharla served six years on the board of Family Support Council, three of those as president. During her tenure, Family Support Council expanded to include support for developmentally disabled adults and their families.

Committed to helping youth, Sharla served as a mentor to a high school student at risk of not graduating and a student who was the first in her family to apply to college.  The first successfully graduated and the second was admitted to her college of choice. 

Other community experience includes Sierra Nevada Republican Women Recording Secretary, 2012-13, and current 1st Vice President, Program. Sharla is a member of the Douglas County Republican Central Committee and a graduate of Leadership Douglas County.

Sharla and Sierra Nevada Republican Women President Sondra Condron
Horses Rusty and Waco, ridden by Sharla, her brother, Mark, and her dad, Vern

Conservative Roots

Sharla grew up on a farm in Eastern Washington. On May 18, 1980, Mt. St. Helen’s erupted and dumped inches of ash on the farm, creating a huge mess and deep concern for the young crops. A few days later, farmers gathered for a town hall meeting. A vocal minority demanded to know what the government was going to do to help them. Sharla’s dad stood and asked: “what are we going to do to help ourselves?” Sharla continues in her dad’s footsteps with a strong commitment to personal responsibility and restrained government intervention.

Sharla is the second of seven children. After the sixth was born, all delivered by the same doctor, Sharla’s mother learned he performed abortions. She chose to drive two hours each way to use a different doctor for the seventh child, a doctor she could use with integrity. Continuing this heritage, Sharla is staunchly pro-life. She strives to live a life of integrity, aligning her actions with her beliefs.

Faith and Family

Sharla’s greatest loyalty and joy are her faith and family. She has served in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including as Public Affairs Director for Northern Nevada, president of the women’s organization, organist, and teacher.

Jim and Sharla have been married for 36 years. After the death of her parents, she and Jim became guardians of her three minor siblings. Together Sharla and Jim have four children and they delight in their seven grandchildren.

Sharla and Jim chose Carson Valley as a wonderful place to raise a family. In this thriving community their children participated in many activities, including speech and debate, soccer, dance, basketball, Boy Scouts of America, band competitions and piano lessons. Her children enjoyed community traditions, including participating in Carson Valley Days, attending rodeos, going trick-or-treating, and playing games with the neighborhood kids. Sharla’s vision for Douglas County is that all families and children will enjoy the same rich, vibrant community.

Sharla and her granddaughter

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